51259 X Rocker Pro H3 512597 Gaming Chair


Editor Rating: 4.5

The gaming chair specially unleashes four different speakers for total immersion environmental sound. It comes with a powerful subwoofer that makes use of the Ace Bayou’s innovative AFM technology.

The distinction is an excellent quality that the product offer to users. While using the gaming chair, you will discover that it stands out from other gaming chairs in its category. Do not get it twisted; the  51259 X Rocker is a rollercoaster for any happy home.

It remains the cynosure of beauty in any living room and gives your total comfort, time and again. The chair displays gun-stock arms and padded head rest for comfort and stability.

However, you can use the 51259 X Rocker Pro H3 4.1 for listening to the music, playing video games, reading, watching films and relaxing. You will discover extra vibration motors sync with the bass tones.

It will help to improve your full body experience. When searching for an affordable gaming chair to buy, the 51259 X Rocker H3 4.1 remains the best choice. Since it can connect with several gaming chairs than other video gaming chair, the 51259 X Rocker is ultimately the best.

1X premium microfiber cleaner bundle is an added product with the chair.

The video gaming chair offers to you:

  • 4.1 surround sound system.
  • Vibration motor sync with base tone.
  •  Built-in radio wireless receiver and transmitter.
  • 1X premium micro fiber cleaner bundle.

 X Rocker 5155801 4.1 Wireless Video Gaming Chair With Vibration, Camouflage


Editor Rating: 4.6
As the best gaming chair in the marketplace, the X Rocker 5155801 has lived up to the hype of the manufacturer. There are a plethora of benefits for purchasing this standard and well-designed gaming chair.

When talking about the convenience of using a gaming chair, the X Rocker 4.1 Wireless Camouflage is king. You will not feel or experience any deterioration when using the chair.

Based on the distinctive features of the chair, durability and reliability will always be the hope of users. It comes with extra vibration motor sync with base tones.

It helps to improve your complete body experience. It uses the AFM technology as its only means of introducing efficient operation and result. The gaming chair has a powerful subwoofer and four different speakers for total immersion environmental sound.

The wireless transmitter in the product design can operate with any link and RCA outputs. For people who desire optional RCA cables, the X Rocker 5155801 is the best chair to buy. In fact, it comes with a built-in wireless receiver that helps to pick signals from every direction.

It also has gun-stock arms and padded head rest for comfort and stability.

The X Rocker Vibration Camouflage Gaming Chair is perfect for watching TV, relaxing, reading books, playing a video game and listening to music. Can you see that the X Rocker 4.1 is the best investment for gaming chairs?

It remains simple to use and does not require any form of assembly. It will also help to erase any health difficulties when playing video games. To experience the elegant touch of the product, just buy bone today.

The X Rocker 5155801 is better than other products because it comes with extra powerful vibration features and can camouflage or change quickly.

The video gaming chair offers to you:

  • Speaker and subwoofer with AFM technology.
  • Elevate, tilt, swivel and gunstock arms
  • Control panel for multi-players.
  • Wireless receivers and transmitter.

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